Hardware Stores Have Always Been The Place to Shop

Written By Rachel Novak

It used to be that hardware stores were the place you went when you needed some nails, or maybe some plumbing tools to fix that leaky faucet.

Over the years, hardware stores have evolved into places where customers can shop for items ranging from large appliances, lighting fixtures, as well as items for your yard and garden. You can even sit down with a designer to build that custom kitchen or bath of your dreams.

But, one of the best aisles to browse is still the aisle that has all the nails, screws, snap hooks, pulleys and other small but irreplaceable hardware “treasures.”

Just think, if you’re a farmer, what would you do if your hardware store no longer carried essentials like panic snaps or all-purpose snaps for your livestock? Or, what about rope and chain hardware and other rigging equipment?

Because Henssgen Hardware is only about 30 miles away from the oldest thoroughbred racetrack in the country, we know there are dozens of horse farms – not to mention, the racetrack itself – that are in constant need of equine hardware. People who’ve worked in horse-racing and other equestrian industries know how important it is to have quick and easy access to horse panic snaps in durable and non-corrosive materials such as die cast zinc, steel, malleable iron and brass. It’s also important to always have an adequate supply on hand of other types of snaps, which are terrific for fixing crossties, leads and other stable equipment.

Hardware stores are not the go-to place for just farmers, horse people, or people who work in the trades. They are also a great place to find unique and eclectic DIY solutions for your home, your storage shed and your garage.

About a year ago, we showed our readers how to use S Hooks to organize clothes closets, hang up pieces of jewelry, as well as using them in your basement, garage and potting shed. Another article showed readers how to use snaps, rings, clips and snap hooks for both art and functionality.

So, the next time you’re browsing through the “large appliance” section of your local hardware store, don’t forget to take a trip down the aisles that contain the “nuts and bolts” of the hardware world.

Henssgen Hardware has been a supplier of quality rigging hardware, snap hooks, S hooks, pulleys, chain hardware and many other items for Farm, Marine, Sport, and Industrial Supply Stores since 1978. We are proud to be family-owned and operated, and we offer only the highest quality hardware, the best customer services and the most competitive pricing. Call us at 1-800-833-9598, or contact us online. And, while you’re there, check out our user-friendly online product catalog that lists our amazing selection of industrial rigging hardware.


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