Organize with S Hooks!

Written By Rachel Novak

Organizing with S Hooks!

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If you can hang it, you can organize it with S Hooks!  From the Kitchen to the Closet to the Bathroom you can free up counter space, shelves, and reduce the chaos.  From the smallest S Hook for hanging jewelry to larger, heavy duty S hooks in the garage and backyard this piece of hardware can be extremely versatile!

When venturing into apartment living you can find that there just isn’t a place for everything.  You may not have the cabinet space for coffee mugs and pots and pans.   S hooks can be an easy fix!  A towel rod mounted on the wall and s hooks can hang your coffee mugs neatly and free up valuable cabinet space.  As for pots and pans, suspending a rod or metal grid from the ceiling and adding some s hooks makes a great pot rack!  No place for kitchen utensils?  Add another towel rod to the side of the counter or under the upper cabinets and some s hooks to keep everything easily accessible while whipping up a masterpiece in the kitchen!  As for the pantry, if you have wire shelves add some s hooks and suspend bagged foods from the chip clip to free up extra space.

Moving on to the bathroom; somehow there is never enough bathroom storage!  If you find you need more storage in the shower you can add another curtain rod inside the shower, just add a few s hooks and now there is space to hang wash clothes, your loofah, and a caddy for even more storage!  Grab some peg board a little paint and a cute frame. Paint the peg board and frame it, add s hooks and you have instant a jewelry organizer!

Now for the dreaded closet!  Yes, everything in your closet can have a place and it can still look neat and organized!  Belts, hats, scarves, ties, and handbags can be hung on tiered towel rods with s hooks.  Jeans and tank tops can be hung under wire racks with s hooks by the belt loops and straps!  Shoes and boots can even be hung simply using a binder clip and s hooks under the wire shelves.

These are only a few of the many, many uses s hooks have while trying to keep organized.  Have any other uses for s hooks?

Please share your ideas and pictures!

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