Rope/Chain Hardware

Rope hardware consists of a variety of components used to connect ropes to each other, to surfaces and structures, and to equipment. It is commonly used in rigging and other systems to facilitate heavy lifts, stabilize machinery, prevent falls, and more. As such, it’s very important that all rope hardware performs optimally to ensure safe operation.

Rope & Chain Hardware Types

Henssgen Hardware has been supplying high-quality rope/chain and rigging hardware to American distributors since 1978. We carry over 100 different styles of snap hookspulleys, quick links, and assorted hardware for home, farm, and sporting goods applications. We provide rope hardware for use with any type of rope and offer a variety of sizes, finishes, and materials, including steel, stainless steel, malleable iron, die cast zinc alloy, and solid brass.

. Steel Rope Hardware

We offer a variety of steel rope hardware, such as:

Rope clamp Rope clamp. Rope clamps fasten over the rope end to create a closed loop or to help to keep the rope from unraveling.
Wire rope clip Wire rope clip. U bolt-shaped wire rope clips hold the loose end of a looped wire rope to create an eye. Typically, multiple clips will be used to secure the terminal end of the wire rope.
Wire rope thimble Wire rope thimble. Wire rope thimbles are inserted to form the eye of the loop at the end of the wire rope. The thimble is inserted before the wire is secured and protects the eye of the loop from being crushed.
Rope snap hook Rope snap hook. A rope snap hook consists of a hook and a spring that latches shut, helping to mitigate the risk of the hook failing and accidentally releasing the rope.
Clevis grab hook Clevis grab hook. A clevis grab hook is commonly used as the end piece of a transport chain in load-bearing applications. The hooks shallow-throated opening enables a chain to be securely connected without the risk of slippage.
Clevis slip hook Clevis slip hook. The clevis slip hook has a wide throat for shackles and tie-downs. Slip hooks are commonly used with tie-down chains to secure a load and should not be used for overhead lifts.

. Rust-Resistant Die-Cast Zinc Rope Hardware

Die cast from a zinc alloy and then nickel plated to a high luster, Henssgen Hardware’s zinc die cast hardware is rust resistant and features exceptional toughness and durability.

Rope cleat Rope cleat: used to secure ropes and knots in multiple applications, such as, securing awnings, sun screens, docking ropes, and allowing boaters customization of the rig for comfort and stability.

. Die-Cast Zinc Pulleys

We offer the following rust-resistance, die-cast zinc pulley options:

Swivel-eye pulley Swivel-eye pulley. A swivel-eye pulley is a durable, heavy-duty pully used to raise loads. Each pulley has an indicated load limit, and the swivel eye prevents tangling when in use.
Fixed-eye pulley Fixed-eye pulley. A fixed-eye pulley features no rotation of the block that could affect the wire rope. The pulley is typically mounted using a rod, bolt, shackle, or custom mounting fixture.
Swivel-eye double pulley Swivel-eye double pulley. A swivel-eye double pulley rotates freely to eliminate tangles, and the double pulley system enables the lifting of loads with minimal force.
Fixed-eye double pulley Fixed-eye double pulley. A fixed-eye double pulley allows loads to be lifted with little force and no rotation to affect the rope.

Industrial Applications

Henssgen Hardware provides rope hardware and quick-release hardware for many different applications. Some of these include:

  • Agriculture. Our team supplies a variety of rope hardware used in farming, dairy, equestrian, and livestock operations.
  • Consumer. Rope hardware is used in awnings and other outdoor equipment.
  • Pet products. It is also standard in the manufacture of pet products, such as leashes and collars.
  • Marine. We carry a variety of rope hardware suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

Rope Hardware Solutions From Henssgen Hardware

At Henssgen Hardware, we have over 40 years of experience with rigging hardware. Our team is committed to providing clients with the highest quality products available and exceeding customer expectations at every step. To request a quote for your rope hardware needs or to learn more about the products we offer, contact us today.