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Getting Your Summer “Toys” Ready for Storage with the Right Snaps and Hooks

If you’re asking, “Where did the summer go?” you’re not alone. We’ve already had early glimpses of autumn with cooler evenings and early mornings. If you live further north, some of the leaves may already be changing. If you’re a boat owner, you’ll want to take advantage of every sunny day before it’s time to store your summertime home away from home.

If you’re a new boat owner, it’s very important for the life of your boat that you perform key maintenance tasks. Here’s a handy list of “To Do’s” to check off:

  • When hauling your boat out of the water, be sure to have the hull cleaned, maintained and painted annually. Some people think they’re saving money by having these jobs done once every two or three years. However, that could really cost you in the long run.
  • If you’re a DIY boat-owner, make sure your rope lines are in good shape and showing no signs of fraying or separating from their metal fastenings.
  • Inspect your pulleys, snap hooks and clips to be sure they are also in good condition and free of rust.
  • Once your boat is out of the water, be sure to check your running gear, propellers, wiring, drains, bilge and through-hulls for wear and corrosion.
  • Once your boat is cleaned and serviced, you may also need to get the bottom re-painted to ensure your boat’s longevity and efficiency.
  • Check your canvas boat covers and tarps to make sure your snaps and clips are in good condition.
  • If you are a sailboat owner, check all lines, rigging and masts.
  • Check your canvas boat covers and tarps, as well as your rope lines and other hardware.

Knowing that you have a game plan in place for your fall maintenance and storage of your boat will allow you to enjoy these last few weeks of summer on the water with your favorite toy. When September or October arrives, you can rest assured that your boat will make it out of the water and safely on to dry land, instead of having no plan and a possible “dry dock” disaster!

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Enjoying Summertime Fun While Staying Safe

Summertime is water sport season. Boating, jet-skiing, tubing, water-skiing and parasailing are just some of the many ways water and sun-loving fans enjoy sea, wind and surf.

In the height of the summer season, seaside and lakeside resorts handle crowds of summertime thrill-seekers, looking to get harnessed up and hitched to a slender nylon rope attached to a floating dock or a fast-moving boat, as they are transported aloft for a scenic parasail ride overlooking the vista below.

Others, who want to stay closer to mother earth, but who have a “need for speed,” may opt for wake-boarding, wind-surfing, water-skiing or tubing.

It goes without saying that those harnesses and slender nylon lines that keep skiers, boarders, parasailers and others tethered to their boat or dock are crucial to the safety of sport. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard of connections that break, boat drivers who don’t pay attention and lose their riders, or equipment malfunction that results in injury or even death.

That is why it is important to make sure your equipment is in good working order and “up to snuff.”

Skis, wake-boards and tubes

In addition to making sure that the boots and hardware on your skis or boards fits well and are in good working condition, it is important to check the nylon lines that connect your riders to your boat. Make sure there are no knots, kinks or frayed sections. If you’re pulling your precious cargo behind your boat with a tube, make sure that the dacron/nylon blend straps are in good condition and the safety Dee-rings and snap hooks are not rusted, bent or otherwise damaged. Those rings and hooks are all that’s holding your tube, board or skiers to your boat.

Well, almost.

The cleat on the aft deck of your boat is really the first line of defense against aquatic mishap and mayhem. All cleats should be checked for loose screws connecting the cleat to the body of the boat. This is particularly important if you have an older boat. It’s far better to err on the side of caution. Have a screw driver handy and double check every cleat.

If you happen to be towing a jet ski around on the water, it is even more important to examine all quick connecting snap hooks, D-rings and O-rings before heading offshore. You don’t want to lose your jet ski in a rough surf now, do you?



While parasailing is an activity that involves relying on commercial providers, that doesn’t mean you can’t check in advance to make sure your parasail company has a good record and is up to date on their licensing.
Even on the day of your parasailing trip, don’t be shy about checking the body harnesses, D-rings and snaps to make sure they are in good condition.

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Swinging Through Summer

When it comes to summertime backyard entertainment for kids, there are so many more options than there were even ten years ago. The standard swing set and slide have taken a back seat to more creative equipment and backyard fun is only limited by your imagination. There are a ton of online resources for finding – or building – your kid’s favorite backyard jungle gym, swing, ropes course or tree house.

Some of the coolest designs are hanging swings shaped like boats, motorcycles, airplanes, skateboards – the list goes on. Why not toss out that old tire swing and replace it with a space rocket?

Of course, the most important common denominator with all these creative playthings is securing them with sturdy, rust-resistant hooks that are carefully anchored into place.

If you are planning to hang a swing from a tree, be sure – first of all – that the tree can handle the combined weight of your child and the swing itself. The last thing we want is our little space explorer to plummet to earth in his space capsule.

Heavy duty swing hangers, firmly embedded in a beam, will ensure that your child is safe as she soars along on her imagination.

If you already have a swing set or a jungle gym, try switching out the swings for rings and watch your child test the limits of his strength and agility. Stainless steel S hooks or snap hooks are the best choice because they will not rust and they can handle weight and motion. For kids who really put their equipment through a workout, you may want to choose heavy-duty cast-iron swing hangers.

Other choices are brass or die-cast zinc. But, while they are rust-resistant, that does not mean that they won’t eventually rust. You don’t want to be rifling through your medical files to see when your child had her last tetanus shot as she accidentally cuts or scrapes herself on a rusty old hook or snap.

And don’t forget – as your kids grow, so does their weight and the need for sturdy hooks, bolts and snaps that will accommodate their rapidly growing young bodies. You should check each piece of equipment at the beginning of the season, making sure it is rated for your child’s weight and level of physical activity.

If your swing has seen several seasons of sun and fun, be sure to test the chain links for signs of rust or wear. Same is true for the S-hooks that make it so easy to interchange your jungle gym equipment. Always err on the side of doting parental caution. Visually and manually inspect all outdoor equipment before junior takes his swing on a ride around the moon and back.

If you have a ropes course, it’s also important to check for fraying or looseness. If the rope looks like it’s starting to pull out of its hardware, best to invest in some new equipment.

Your local hardware store should carry most of the items you will need to ensure that your backyard remains a safe and fun place for your kids this summer.

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Turn Your Store or Marina Into a “Go To” Destination for All Your Customers’ Marine Hardware Needs

If you own a sporting goods store, a marina or even a gas station/convenient store on one of the several beautiful lakes in the area, it’s only a matter of time before warm weather finally arrives and people will be putting their sailboats, power boats, kayaks and canoes on the water. Maybe those boat owners failed to read our earlier blog post about being prepared and doing a thorough checklist of their boats in advance of the yearly launch.

That’s why you need to be prepared for any requests your summertime sailors will throw at you. When it comes to marine hardware, it’s important to have in stock an ample supply of boat snap hooks, rope cleats, double end hooks, rings, and eye snaps with fixed, open and swivel ends.

There are so many things that require repair, maintenance or updating on a boat, whether it is a kayak or a cruiser. For your sailboat and power boat customers, snap hooks are important to keep on hand for anchor chains or trailer safety chains. They may be rusted, bent, broken – which would be unfortunate when trying to hook up to a mooring ball or getting a boat safely secured on the trailer.

Owners of power boats that pull water skiers, tubes and other flotation devices may need to replace their safety hooks, rings and snap hooks. The last thing they want to do is lose their precious cargo in the middle of a busy lake. When your customers pull into your marina to gas up and buy provisions, be sure to ask them if they’ve checked their skiing and tubing lines for signs of wear or broken connections.

Sometimes, summertime boaters are more focused on having an ample supply of ice, fishing line, and fresh brews on hand. You can grow your base of loyal customers by making sure to let them know you are their “go to” destination for a complete line of marine hardware. Before they head out for a day on the water, be sure to ask them if they need their anchors, rope cleats, safety snaps and snap hooks replaced.

Kayaks, canoes and rowboats also need to be secured safely to docks and mooring balls. And, no matter what type or size boat your customers have, they need to check their life jackets and bumpers to be sure that the rings, snaps and hooks are in good working order.

If your store is located near a salt water body, Henssgen Hardware offers a complete line of products that are salt-and corrosion resistant. Our complete line of marine hardware includes brass, steel, stainless steel and die cast zinc. A well-stocked marina or sporting goods store should keep an ample inventory on hand in all these materials.

For marinas that service a large number of sailboats, it’s also a good idea to have a good assortment of rope hardware in stock. Rope cleats, thimbles and clamps in stock can mean the difference between a great day of sailing or a trip cut short because a sailor couldn’t find a marina with the equipment they needed to be “seaworthy.”

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Have the Right Hooks on Hand for Those Lazy Hazy Hammock Days

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. That means hardware store owners should be stocking up on the right S-hooks, rings, quick-release snap hooks, swivel hooks and chain links for hanging hammocks, kiddie swings, porch swings and planters.

Before you can say Memorial Day, customers will be coming into your store looking to replace or repair broken or rusted chains, S-hooks and snap hooks for their toddlers’ swing sets. They’ll also be eager to get that hammock unrolled and suspended between two trees in the shade of the backyard. And don’t forget about the chains and hooks for hanging those cascading petunia planters.

How to hang your hammock

Find two sturdy oak, beech or maple trees that can support your weight and be the right distance apart; too close together and you’ll be scraping the ground; too far apart and you’ll put too much strain on the hammock and cause tears.

Most hammocks come with straps that wrap around the tree. The straps are made of sturdy nylon and have a Dee-ring that is used to connect the S-hook or the snap hook to the ring on each end of the hammock.

Before you get that hammock hung up and ready to hop into, be sure the rings aren’t bent or damaged. It’s also a good idea to check the straps for wear and tear. Also make sure that the chain links on the ends of your hammock aren’t bent or broken.

Getting the backyard swing set ready for your kids

Before you hang those swings back on the jungle gym equipment do a careful inspection of the parts. Make sure there are no rusty screws or chain links that can scrape and hurt your kids. As children get bigger, they put more strain on the hooks that keep the swing securely connected to the overhead bar. Make sure to replace any chain, links or S-hooks that look as if they’ve been bent or have become misshapen from wear.

Have the right hardware on hand for DIYs

The local neighborhood handy men and women, who like to make their own repairs, will be happy to see that your inventory includes the widest and best variety of hardware in an assortment of rust-resistant and sturdy metals, sure to keep that hammock properly suspended between your trees, or hold that hanging hammock chair suspended from the porch ceiling.

A local resource right at your fingertips

The benefit of having a major wholesaler of hardware like Henssgen right in your backyard is that you can still place your order and have it in your store’s inventory in time for the busy upcoming season.

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Before It’s ‘Anchors Aweigh’, Get Your Boat Ready for Summer Now

It looks like Spring has finally sprung in the Northeast. Crocuses and daffodils are beginning to submerge from their long subterranean slumber and soon gardens will be showing off their warm weather colors.

Before you can say “April showers bring May flowers,” it will be time to get the boat ready for the water. Before you go ahead and launch your sailboat or power boat for a season of swimming, sunning and snorkeling, it’s a smart idea to make a pre-launch checklist and follow it carefully. Don’t have a list? Here’s a basic one that will cover most of the important components of your boat.

Electrical system

  • Check your batteries.
  • Clean the terminals and connections.
  • Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect against marine battery acids.
  • Check your boat’s running lights.

Safety equipment

  • Do an inventory and inspection of your life vests and flotation devices.
  • Check your fire extinguisher and get it re-charged if necessary.
  • Make sure you have at least one, if not two working flashlights and place them in readily accessible compartments on your boat.
  • Check your anchor. If it’s a motorized anchor, make sure the system is fully functional and the lines are in good condition and not frayed.
  • Check all your buoys.
  • Inspect ropes, lines and rigging.
  • Replace any frayed lines.

Equipment and hardware

  • Open and close your seacocks to be sure they’re working properly and no water has seeped in and frozen over the winter.
  • Make sure the hoses are double-clamped. If the clamps look rusty, replace them.
  • Replace broken, rusty or damaged hardware on your tarps and awnings.
  • Check any pulleys, boat hooks, and quick links to make sure they’re working and free of rust or corrosion.
  • Inspect all rope cleats to make sure they are properly secured. Replace any loose screws and bent or damaged cleats.

Swab the deck…and underneath too

  • Thoroughly wash the exterior of your boat before putting it into the water.
  • Check all crevices, including the propeller and other hard-to-get-at areas for any possible algae, mold or organisms. Most lakes, like Lake George, Lake Champlain, and other smaller lakes, will not allow you to launch your boat if they discover any suspicious algae or organisms on the hull of your boat.


  • Check your boat registration to make sure it is current.
  • If you trailer your boat, check that registration as well and check the wiring so other vehicles will see your brake lights and turn signals.
  • Make sure you have the proper launch stickers for whatever body of water you’ll be putting your boat in during the summer. If they’re expired, you can usually buy a new one right online.

A few hours of inspection, inventory and maintenance and repairs can save a whole lot of headache and frustration in the middle of the lake or stuck on the launch. Getting your boat ready now ensures that you and your family will have a safe, secure and fun season on the water.

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Storing Your Holiday Decorations When Space is Tight

Remember how much fun it was pulling out all those holiday decorations? Stringing up all those lights? Hanging the huge wreath on the front door? What about that life-sized sleigh and reindeer that you just had to put on the front lawn?

It doesn’t seem possible, but all the stuff that we dragged out about a month ago now has to be taken down and put away again for another year.

Somehow, it always seems harder to store all of our accumulated treasures than it did to unpack them. Especially when floor space is at a premium. But, it’s a new year and a good time to make a resolution and use the right kind of hardware that will help make your storage a snap.

Space-saving tips

To keep your wreaths and door decorations looking fresh and full-looking, try hanging them from hooks on the wall of your basement or storage area, instead of packing them in those bulky storage bins. First, put them in a clear trash bag and hang them from the hook. It saves floor space and keeps your decorations looking new.

It’s also good to get some of those bigger items, like that Santa sleigh and the eight not so tiny reindeer, off the floor. Take advantage of overhead space in your attic or garage eaves by using a pulley and some sturdy rope hardware. Swivel-eye pulleys make it so easy to lift and lower those heavier items for storage.

Has the box that your 20-year old fake Christmas tree came in finally fallen apart? No worries! After taking your tree apart, store it in sections in heavy duty trash bags and hang the bags on hooks.

And, don’t forget the lights. Once you’ve made sure that they’re all still working and you’re not putting away strings of lights that won’t work next year, use a power cord holder and – you got it – hang them from a hook!

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Don’t Find Yourself on Thin Ice with the Wrong Equipment

As winter descends upon us and the days and nights grow colder, fans of ice fishing are getting out their gear and preparing to reel in plenty of fish from nearby lakes, streams, and rivers.

For those who are new to this chilly winter sport and excited to get out on the ice, you’ve probably already got your augurs, chisels and special rods, reels and lures. And, your ice shanty is sitting in your garage, all ready to be loaded onto your pickup.

Think you’ve got everything? Well, before you head out onto the ice, don’t forget the other gear. You’re going to need sturdy rigging hardware to pull that shanty onto the lake or river. And, once you’re all settled on the ice, gear like D rings, double end bolt snaps and quick links are indispensable items for hanging your gear inside your shanty and keeping your reels and lines untangled and organized.

It’s also a good idea to have snap hooks linked to your fishing vest and other outerwear, giving you easy access to lures, jigs and other items that you’ll need to get your hands on in a hurry.
If you’re really diving into the ice fishing experience, chances are you’re going to cook your own food while you’re out there. Did you bring a cooking pot to hang over your campfire? Don’t forget to also pack some S-hooks for hanging the pot and other galley gear. Henssgen Hardware has a complete line of the best pulleys, hooks, all-purpose snaps and quick links in Stainless Steel, brass, die-cast zinc and other metals that won’t corrode when exposed to the water and the freezing elements.

Be sure to browse our extensive online catalog before you finish packing for your first ice-fishing trip of the winter. Otherwise, you could find yourself fishing on thin ice without the right equipment

Make Sure Your Awnings Are All Weather

More and more people are using awnings to expand their living space, add seating capacity for restaurants, lounges and cafes, and to keep the elements at bay. Back in the day, the only awnings you saw were the ones people put on their windows in the summer to keep their homes cooler. These days you see them everywhere.

It seems climate has less and less to do with what part of the country awnings pop up – or roll out, as the case may be. That’s why it is particularly important for manufacturers – and consumers – to make sure that the hardware on the awning is going to hold up against all different types of weather and conditions.

Things like salt, precipitation and high humidity can wreak havoc on that expensive awning – if the hardware can’t hold up. If you’re a manufacturer and most of your customers live or have businesses along the coast, you are going to need the best marine hardware products available. They need to be corrosion-and rust-resistant, without detracting from the aesthetics of your product.

Snaps, pulleys and swivel bolts made of stainless steel, nickel-plated, die cast zinc or brass are probably going to be your best bet, giving your product longer life without hardware replacement hassles and adding beauty and quality to the overall product.

If your product list includes tarps, tents or boat covers in addition to awnings, the same rule applies.

For retractable awnings, whether you require swivel eye pulleys or fixed-eye die-cast, they need to maintain their efficiency and their appearance so your customers can get that awning opened or closed on a moment’s notice.

For all of these items and more, your best resource is Henssgen Hardware. A family-owned and operated business, Henssgen is a leading distributor of over 100 boat snap hooks and assorted hardware including assorted snap hooks, pulleys, quick links, and more! Call us at 1-800-833-9598, contact us online and check out our amazing selection of industrial rigging hardware in our product catalog.

Tips for Organizing Summertime Tools and Outdoor Furniture Before the Snow Flies

Homeowners are always looking for ways to get their sheds and garages organized as one season gives way to the next. Getting summertime tools and outdoor accessories out of the way and making space for fall and winter equipment can be a challenge for people with smaller garages or sheds. Some people are just “fools for tools” and have way more equipment than they have space.

But, even tool and gadget junkies need solutions. And that’s where having the right hooks, heavy-duty snaps and even pulleys can come in handy for solving wall and overhead storage challenges.

Once the frost is on the pumpkin and the days get shorter, the bicycles, trikes, and skateboards start taking a backseat to skis, snowboards and sleds. Rafter hooks are a perfect solution for getting them up and out of the way. Instead of taking up the entire garage or shed, hanging bicycles, scooters, as well as lawn trimmers, edgers and other lightweight equipment around the perimeter of sheds and garages is the best solution for smaller spaces. Even people with larger garages and sheds know how quickly these tools and summertime playthings can suck up all the space in a room.

For customers who have solar swimming pool covers and outdoor furniture, but not enough floor space, there is nothing worse than trying to stack up all that bulky and oddly shaped stuff in a corner of the garage. A simple pulley system, using a die cast pulley and the right weight snap hooks can make storing bulky or heavy items overhead a snap. And, it makes things so much easier to put away and take back out again when spring comes knocking on the door once again.

And don’t forget about heavy duty and corrosive-resistant gate latches for backyard fencing. It’s important to have secure latches and bolts that you can count on for your family’s safety, once that swimming pool is closed for the season.

S-hooks are the easiest solution for hanging all your smaller summer gardening tools and accessories, like gardening and landscaping gloves, lawn sprinklers and ladders. All it takes is a peg board and some hooks, and you’re in business. In fact, you’ll be happy in the spring-time when your gardening tools are all right there and ready to use.

If you’ve already got storage shelves installed in the garage or shed – and there still isn’t enough room – a simple solution can be hanging more tools and equipment below, using snap hooks or heavier-duty galvanized steel hooks for heavier items.

So, don’t wait until you’ve already had to haul out that snow blower and winter shovels. Find the right solutions now for fall storage.

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