Hardware Under the Sea: Quality Rigging Hardware for Divers

Written By Rachel Novak

Scuba diving is enjoyed professionally and recreationally, involving extensive training and practice before certification and allowing divers to explore a whole other world in the deep oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Since their equipment is their life source below the surface, diligent inspection and maintenance of a diver’s equipment is imperative. Rigging hardware for divers is often used to attach valuable needed items during a dive to fins, masks, regulators, ventilators, and tanks. Bolt Snaps, double end bolt snaps, quick links, panic snaps, D rings are common items used by divers.  Stainless steel and brass are materials used most often because they don’t corrode when exposed to salt or fresh water.

Rigging hardware is most often used by Technical Divers – divers defined as exceeding conventional limits in depth and length of time under water. This type of diving requires even more training than standard Scuba certification because of the risks involved. Some examples are cave diving, ice diving, wreck diving and deep diving.
Henssgen Hardware offers many different types of rings and snaps for configuring your diving gear, from the simple addition of a D-ring to rigging your own custom harness. Browse our extensive catalog for rigging hardware for divers and contact us with any questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help exactly what you need, and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you. Call us to day at 1-800-833-9598 or contact us online.











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