Bolt Snaps

Henssgen Hardware is one of the leading suppliers of industrial rigging hardware. As such, we are pleased to carry a broad selection of high-quality metal bolt snaps. They are available in a variety of styles (harness, double end, swivel eye, and fixed eye), materials (stainless steel, die cast zinc, malleable iron, and solid brass), and sizes to suit the needs of different industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. For additional ideas on how to use our durable and attractive bolt snaps and rigging hardware, check out our blog, where we discuss potential applications ranging from apparel to hunting equipment to organizational structures.

When using bolt snaps, it is essential to understand how to use them safely. For the safe working loads for our bolt snaps, call us at 800-833-9598. Our customer service team is second to none, readily providing information about usage instructions, answering and addressing customer questions and concerns, and assisting with ordering.

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Types of Bolt Snaps

Bolt snaps are a specialized type of snap hooks that relies on a button mechanism to release the spring gate component. This design allows for easy operation as the release function can be triggered even with a single hand.

As indicated above, we offer the following types of bolt snaps:

Harness Swivel Eye Bolt Snap Harness bolt snaps. These snaps are designed for use with harnesses, such as those found on pets and other animals.
double end bolt snap Double end bolt snaps. These snaps feature a head on both ends, a design that makes them highly versatile. Our 163 double end bolt snaps are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring they offer excellent functional and aesthetic performance. They are suitable for use in various industries, ranging from agriculture, farming, and animal care to theater and film.
brass swivel eye bolt snap Swivel eye bolt snaps. These snaps have an adjustable base that allows them to rotate along their vertical axes. This design facilitates attachment operations as users do not need to worry about their ropes or straps twisting and tangling.
Fixed eye bolt snap Fixed eye bolt snaps. These snaps have a fixed base. They are generally used in boating and marine applications.


Material Options Available

In addition to coming in several styles, our bolt snaps are available in the following materials:

. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel demonstrates an inherent resistance to corrosion, which makes it ideal for the manufacture of components subjected to saltwater and other highly corrosive compounds (e.g., boat or marine snaps). In addition to their superior corrosion resistance, our 316 grade stainless steel bolt snaps offer exceptional strength and durability at a lower cost than comparable components.

. Die Cast Zinc

Our die cast bolt snaps are made from a zinc alloy, and then nickel plated to achieve a higher degree of surface luster. Similar to our stainless steel offerings, they exhibit corrosion resistant properties, making them suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater environments. Our carefully engineered die casting process ensures every piece is manufactured with excellent strength and surface qualities.

. Malleable Iron

Our malleable iron bolt snaps are sand cast, tumbled to improve the smoothness of their surface, and plated in nickel or zinc to enhance their corrosion resistance. Their durability and rugged appearance make them well-suited for farming and ranching applications.

. Solid Brass

Similar to our malleable iron bolt snaps, our solid brass bolt snaps are sand cast. However, they undergo polishing operations to achieve a better surface finish. Due to their durability and attractive appearance, they often used in harness and marine applications. One of our most popular product offerings is our double end brass snaps, which are regularly utilized for hanging feed buckets and serving as gate hooks in stables.


Typical Applications of Bolt Snaps

Bolt snaps find use in a variety of applications, including in the following industries:

High-Quality Bolt Snaps From Henssgen Hardware

At Henssgen Hardware, we offer bolt snaps and other snap hooks products in several styles, materials, and sizes to accommodate the various needs of our customers. Regardless of the requirements or restrictions of the application, our team can identify the right snap for any project. For additional information about our product offerings or selection assistance, contact us or request a quote today.