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The Hard(ware) Facts About Your Dog’s Leash

Next time you’re at the animal shelter or vet, watch as the staff there easily handles three or more dogs at once on a multi-dog leash. Of course, you can’t help but notice the amount of hardware involved in creating a great multi-dog leash.

When we think of a leash, we automatically think of a nylon line with a loop at one end for the walker’s hand to slip through, with some kind of snap or hook at the other end to attach to the dog’s collar. The average person doesn’t normally think too much of what it takes to turn a length of nylon into a safe piece of equipment for you and your dog.

In hardware “speak,” the pieces that make a simple nylon lead so effective and safe are familiar items in Henssgen’s everyday inventory.

Swivel Eye Bolt Snaps and Trigger Snaps

This is the item that connects you to your dog at the other end of that nylon line. It comes in several different metals, including malleable iron, brass and die-cast zinc, all of which are sturdy and weather-resistant. This is important for a couple of obvious reasons:

  • You and you dog still must go out, no matter what the weather;
  • You need something that is going to work smoothly and be rust-proof;
  • If the hardware on your leash is low quality, your dog could get loose and be injured;
  • It can get expensive to keep replacing your leashes.

Your Dog’s Collar and Comfort

If you’ve ever noticed, your dog’s collar is designed to fit on him snugly, but comfortably, allowing him to breathe with ease and move his head with no restrictions. The same is true of the increasingly popular harness-type collars, often used for bigger dogs or for dogs who are learning not to pull on the leash.

The Dee Ring on the collar and harness is used to attach the leash to your dog. There’s a reason it’s shaped like a “D” and not an “O” or other letter of the alphabet: it provides maximum comfort for your dog, while offering the best method of connection and quick release from the trigger or bolt snap.

Multi-Dog Leashes

For those of you who are real hardware “nerds,” a multi-dog leash is a beautiful example of the right use of hardware items such as quick release snap hooks, dee- and O-rings, and large harness swivel-eye trigger snaps for larger, heavier dogs.

So, the next time you’re getting ready to take your dog out for a walk, stop and take a look at the smalle but important pieces of hardware that transform a simple length of nylon into a safe, sturdy and dependable leash that keeps you and your dog safe and secure on your daily jaunts.

Henssgen Hardware has been supplying rings, quick release snaps, leather and chain hardware to dog leash and collar manufacturers since 1978. For more information, visit our website and shop our online catalog.

Are you ‘Out of Your Element?’

Fun Facts About Brass!

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is known for its resilience, strength, and high quality. It has been around and in use since ancient times, as both a decorative and utilitarian material. Changing the ratios of copper and zinc when producing brass will result in a material with different coloring and different properties.

Did you know that our neighbor to the East, Waterbury, CT, was once known as the most important center of brass production in the country? During the 1800s and well into the 20th century, foundries in Waterbury produced brass for buckles, buttons, and other decorative items. In addition to producing pipes and pipe fittings and many other materials in high demand during both peace and war.

The American Brass Company, Griggs & Smith, Randolph & Clowes – to name a few – were among the giants of the Connecticut brass industry. During the Civil War, all the brass buttons and buckles that went on the uniforms of both the Yankees and the Confederates were produced at the foundries in Waterbury.

Brass is an important alloy, because of its strength, resilience and high quality. It is widely used on craft, fashion and decorative items, like women’s purses, handbag and luggage clips, snaps and snap hooks, as well as in fashion jewelry, belt buckles and shoe buckles. Unlike other metals, it is more malleable and holds up better under pressure.

And, it can hold up to the elements. In addition to its uses for fashion and decorative items, it is used widely in marine, plumbing, and harness industries.

Zinc – A Ubiquitous Element

Listed as Zn on the periodic table of elements, Zinc has an atomic number of 30 and is important to plants, people, and animals. Traces of zinc can be found in certain foods, as well as in dietary supplements. The human body needs a certain amount of zinc every day to maintain proper health and optimal functioning.

Zinc is an ingredient in many cold remedies, and some studies indicate that it may be useful in reversing heart disease and fighting cancer. Zinc plays an important role in hormonal balance, it boosts immunity, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

You’ve no doubt heard of zinc-oxide. It’s that stuff you put on your nose to block the harmful UV rays from the sun. Well, zinc is also the primary ingredient in hot-dip galvanizing of steel to protect it from the elements and prolong its life. So, in different forms, it protects human skin and steel – pretty cool, huh?

Because of its protective qualities and lower pricing than brass, zinc-coated steel products, such as snaps, hooks, clips and pulleys are used regularly in the dairy and farming industries.

Whether your business requires brass, zinc, stainless steel or malleable iron, Henssgen Hardware supplies only the highest quality products. Visit us online and view our catalog for a complete product guide and pricing.