What snap hook you need to make a dog leash?


We work with several companies who make leashes for dogs – long leashes for field trials, leather leashes, braided leashes, k9 training leashes and nylon leashes.    In today’s market there are so may choices for dog leashes.  The question always is when I speak to a new customer looking to manufacture a dog lead – which snap hook will be the best?

There are a few factors to consider:

  1. The Material of the Snap
    1. Stainless Steel is the best, however the most costly.  This snap will not rust when exposed to the elements.
    2. Brass is also very popular and is looks great too!  Brass will hold up fairly well outside but will tarnish over time.
    3. Zinc Die Cast Nickel Plated is a very popular type of snap, it’s very economical however although it’s rust resistant it’s not rust proof.
  2. Swivel vs Fixed Eye Snap Hooks
    1. Fixed Eye has an eye opening that does not move or rotate.  This snap has a stronger SWL (Safe Working Load) vs the swivel eye typically.  Although it does tend to be a stronger snap, the fixed eye does not offer the flexibility or freedom of movement some manufacturers seek in their products.
    2. Swivel Eye (as shown below) has an eye that swivels around the bolt of the snap, allowing the webbing attached through the eye to rotate as the dog or pet moves.  The swivel eye bolt snap is by far our most popular snap for dog leashes.  It comes in a variety of material and sizes that will accommodate pets of all sizes.  One factor to keep in mind with the swivel snaps is when you have movement you have friction and therefore over time if  too much load is placed on the snaps there can be breakage.  Adhering to the advised SWL s for snaps is a very important factor to keep in mind for both you and your pet.
  3. Shape of Eye
    1. Rounded
      1. Rounded swivels can work with most webbing material used in leashes – leather, nylon, biothane, paracord, etc… However you do need to consider the width of your webbing.  Most rounded end snap hooks do flatten a bit at the bottom to comfortably accommodate a flat webbing material.
    2. Square
      1. Square eye snap hook are best used for leashes with a wide webbing material so to avoid any curling of the edges.
    1. Diameter of Eye
      1. As I mentioned above you not only have to consider the shape of the eye but more importantly is the size or diameter of the eye.  Most leashes are going to be 3/4 or 1″ webbing.  Therefore the 3/4″ or 1″ snap hooks are best suited.  The snap hooks come in a variety of sizes, generally you want to all the webbing to lay flat as it is threaded through the eye opening.

There are so many options available for leashes, the list above are just some suggestions of where to start when planning your materials needed to design your leash.

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