Storing Your Holiday Decorations When Space is Tight

Written By Rachel Novak

Remember how much fun it was pulling out all those holiday decorations? Stringing up all those lights? Hanging the huge wreath on the front door? What about that life-sized sleigh and reindeer that you just had to put on the front lawn?

It doesn’t seem possible, but all the stuff that we dragged out about a month ago now has to be taken down and put away again for another year.

Somehow, it always seems harder to store all of our accumulated treasures than it did to unpack them. Especially when floor space is at a premium. But, it’s a new year and a good time to make a resolution and use the right kind of hardware that will help make your storage a snap.

Space-saving tips

To keep your wreaths and door decorations looking fresh and full-looking, try hanging them from hooks on the wall of your basement or storage area, instead of packing them in those bulky storage bins. First, put them in a clear trash bag and hang them from the hook. It saves floor space and keeps your decorations looking new.

It’s also good to get some of those bigger items, like that Santa sleigh and the eight not so tiny reindeer, off the floor. Take advantage of overhead space in your attic or garage eaves by using a pulley and some sturdy rope hardware. Swivel-eye pulleys make it so easy to lift and lower those heavier items for storage.

Has the box that your 20-year old fake Christmas tree came in finally fallen apart? No worries! After taking your tree apart, store it in sections in heavy duty trash bags and hang the bags on hooks.

And, don’t forget the lights. Once you’ve made sure that they’re all still working and you’re not putting away strings of lights that won’t work next year, use a power cord holder and – you got it – hang them from a hook!

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