Wire Rope Clip

Wire Rope Clip


Secure cables and ropes effortlessly with our Nickel-Plated Malleable Iron Wire Rope Clips. Ideal for rigging, temporary guardrails, load securing, and hanging banners or signs, offering versatility for countless applications.

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0513 1/161/16"$0.26
0513 1/81/8"$0.29
0513 3/163/16"$0.57
0513 1/41/4"$0.85
0513 5/165/16"$1.17
0513 3/83/8"$1.29
0513 7/167/16"$1.31
0513 1/21/2"$1.87
0513 5/85/8"$2.30
0513 3/43/4"$2.81
0513 7/87/8"$3.77
0513 11"$4.68

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Our Wire Rope Clips, made from nickel-plated malleable iron, are the go-to solution for a wide range of securing and rigging needs. These wire rope clamps excel in various applications, from setting up temporary guardrail systems to securing loads, hanging banners, and more. They are particularly effective for tasks such as securing patio furniture, anchoring posts, squaring fence gates, and even hanging laundry lines. 


The durability and strength of these clips make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliable performance for securing gym equipment, anchoring signs, and much more, making them an essential tool for endless applications.


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