Panic Snap Fixed Eye 3/4″

Panic Snap Fixed Eye 3/4″


Experience superior safety and ease with our Fixed Eye Panic Snap. Uniquely designed for quick release under load, these durable, rust-resistant snaps are ideal for horse tack, sailing, and more. Featuring a spring-loaded slide for fast disconnection, they offer dependable and versatile performance in various applications.

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These high-quality quick release panic snaps are essential for a range of applications, including horse tack, sailing, and various other settings where a quick release under load is crucial.

Unlike other hardware such as carabiners or snap hooks, our Fixed Eye Panic Snap is uniquely designed to be released while under tension. This feature ensures safety and efficiency, especially in critical situations. Crafted from superior metals, these snaps boast exceptional rust resistance, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The popular fixed-eye style of these snaps provides a stable connection point, ensuring your gear is secure and dependable. The spring-loaded release slide is a standout feature, allowing for instant disconnection and easy reconnection. This mechanism is especially valuable in high-stress environments where quick actions are essential.

These Panic Snaps are not just functional but also versatile. They are perfect for a variety of applications, from securing horse tack in equestrian settings to managing sails in marine environments. Their compact size and superior strength make them a handy tool for a multitude of uses.


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