Fixed Eye Pulley

Fixed Eye Pulley


Enhance your lifting solutions with our Fixed Eye Pulley, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its durable design ensures smooth, quiet operation and rust resistance. Perfect for quick attachment, it excels in various settings, from industrial to DIY projects, offering reliable and efficient functionality in a compact form.

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SKUEye DiameterRope SizeBreak Strength/LBSPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
0174 1/21/2"3/16"1210$0.85
0174 3/43/4"1/4"1320$1.11
0174 11"9/32"1760$1.63
0174 1 1/41-1/4"5/16"1980$2.34
0174 1 1/21-1/2"3/8"2420$3.24
0174 22"7/16"2640$5.15

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Introduce efficiency to your tasks with our Fixed Eye Pulley, designed for quick attachment in both interior and exterior applications. Its durable construction guarantees longevity and rust resistance, making it perfect for challenging environments. The pulley’s unique bearing design eliminates metal-to-metal contact, ensuring smooth and quiet operation, a significant advantage for a variety of settings.

This pulley stands out for its ease of use, allowing for fast and secure connections, streamlining your projects. Whether you’re involved in industrial lifting, theater rigging, or home DIY projects, its robust build and quiet efficiency make it an invaluable tool.

Compact yet powerful, our Fixed Eye Rope Pulley is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly pulley system. Its strength and quiet operation make it indispensable for effective and efficient lifting and rigging in any application. Elevate your work with the dependable performance of our Fixed Eye Pulley.


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