All Purpose Snap with Grommet

All Purpose Snap with Grommet

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All Purpose Snap with Grommet: Durable all-purpose snap with grommet, polished finish, ideal for securing and hanging items in outdoor activities.

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2450 1/42-3/8"5/16"6MM$1.00
2450 5/163-1/8"7/16"8MM$1.30

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This all-purpose snap with a grommet features a high-quality, polished finish and a robust design that ensures durability without any sharp edges. It includes a fixed eyehole, making it perfect for threading lanyards or connecting other hooks, with an eyelet inside diameter of 9.5mm. The stainless spring-loaded gate carabiner is thick and strong, interlocking securely with a 10mm opening mouth for easy attachment of heavy cords, straps, or hooks. This snap is an essential tool for camping, fishing, hiking, rigging, and anchoring, providing reliable functionality for all your outdoor and agricultural needs.


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