All Purpose Snap

All Purpose Snap

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All Purpose Snap: Versatile, rust-proof carabiner designed for both indoor and outdoor activities. Ideal for use on the farm, hiking, camping, and more.

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SKUOverall LengthOpening SizeWire DiameterPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
0245 3/162"1/4"5MM$0.65
0245 1/42-3/8"5/16"6MM$0.74
0245 9/322-3/4"3/8"7MM$0.83
0245 5/163-1/8"7/16"8MM$1.07
0245 3/83-9/16"15/32"9MM$1.21
0245 13/324"1/2"10MM$1.43
0245 7/164-3/4"11/16"11MM$1.99
0245 1/26-3/8"7/8"13MM$4.00

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Experience unmatched durability with our all-purpose carabiner, crafted to withstand the harshness of marine environments without rusting. Perfect for a myriad of uses, this carabiner excels in outdoor activities like farming, hiking, sailing, and camping, as well as everyday applications such as key rings, backpacks, and purse straps.

Featuring a smooth surface and an easy-to-use locking mechanism, it ensures security and convenience. Its design minimizes scratches and abrasions, making it a dependable choice for both recreational and practical needs. Whether for sports, travel, or daily tasks, our carabiner offers a stable and long-lasting solution.


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