Make Sure Your Awnings Are All Weather

Written By Rachel Novak

More and more people are using awnings to expand their living space, add seating capacity for restaurants, lounges and cafes, and to keep the elements at bay. Back in the day, the only awnings you saw were the ones people put on their windows in the summer to keep their homes cooler. These days you see them everywhere.

It seems climate has less and less to do with what part of the country awnings pop up – or roll out, as the case may be. That’s why it is particularly important for manufacturers – and consumers – to make sure that the hardware on the awning is going to hold up against all different types of weather and conditions.

Things like salt, precipitation and high humidity can wreak havoc on that expensive awning – if the hardware can’t hold up. If you’re a manufacturer and most of your customers live or have businesses along the coast, you are going to need the best marine hardware products available. They need to be corrosion-and rust-resistant, without detracting from the aesthetics of your product.

Snaps, pulleys and swivel bolts made of stainless steel, nickel-plated, die cast zinc or brass are probably going to be your best bet, giving your product longer life without hardware replacement hassles and adding beauty and quality to the overall product.

If your product list includes tarps, tents or boat covers in addition to awnings, the same rule applies.

For retractable awnings, whether you require swivel eye pulleys or fixed-eye die-cast, they need to maintain their efficiency and their appearance so your customers can get that awning opened or closed on a moment’s notice.

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