The Latest News From Henssgen Hardware Online and Henssgen at the Tradeshow

Written By Rachel Novak

Although we’ve been around for nearly 40 years, we’re not the best retail and wholesale hardware distributor because we’re one of the oldest. We’re one of the oldest because we are the best.

We got that way by not resting on our laurels and always partnering with the highest quality manufacturers of rigging hardware in the world. We’ve also kept up with the times, when it comes to online technology and customer service.

Our easy to access online catalog and our pain-free online membership enrollment page make becoming a customer, establishing a line of credit, and placing orders easier than ever. And, because we know that customers are increasingly turning to online procurement, we have just added Paypal to our list of services, and we are planning on adding other payment options – such as Venmo – in the very near future.

Why online ordering helps your bottom line

When you become an online customer and begin placing orders electronically, you will quickly discover that you are saving your company money by cutting down on administrative costs, unnecessary additional paperwork and red tape.

Remember all those checks you used to write at the end of the month? Just think about the printing costs, the costs of the checks themselves, and the labor costs associated with accounts payable. Now, you can quickly place your order, review it, confirm it and pay for it – all in a few easy steps.

Services like PayPal and Venmo are convenient, secure and cost-effective. You know that your order has been placed and paid for and is on its way to your shipping dock.

So, keep up with the times by shopping for your hardware inventory from Henssgen – where we sell rigging hardware – and offer procurement software – that you can rely on!

Keep track of where we’ll be this Fall

From September 12-14, Henssgen Hardware will be in Atlantic City, NJ for the annual Bradley Caldwell Show. Bradley Caldwell, Inc., is one of the biggest dealers in equipment for farmers, equine and livestock, backyards, pet supplies, barn and veterinary products, and more. From there, we’ll be in Alabama for the HDW tradeshow, followed by a stop in Orlando to attend the “Go for the Greens” conference for women entrepreneurs seeking supplier diversity opportunities through exclusive access to companies, government agencies and non-profits.

So, it’s going to be a busy month for us at Henssgen. But, thanks to our commitment to the highest level of customer service and support, you will have 24-7 access to our product catalog and customer service representatives when you need it.


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