Why We’re EDI-Compatible. And Why Our Customers Should Care!

Written By Rachel Novak

While it hasn’t been around for quite as long as the wheel, EDI has been and continues to be an important tool for businesses looking to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Simply defined, EDI – which stands for Electronic Data Interchange – is the capability to send and receive business documents electronically and in a specific format. The ability to send and receive Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, Shipping Notifications and Receipts, Contracts – the list goes on – gives trading partners the ability to interface rapidly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. This is critical in the realm of rapidly flowing commercial transactions.

When it was first introduced, EDI was used mainly by just the very large companies. As EDI has become ubiquitous, the costs of software or hosting platforms is now something that small and mid-sized companies can afford. In fact, not to do so means risking losing the opportunity to grow and expand your company’s reach.

Henssgen Hardware Corporation, which is a family owned and operated business serving customers for more than thirty years, is excited about what this means for our customers. We can now interface in a more rapid, efficient and – above all – a more cost effective manner. We have partnered with True Commerce, which supports and integrates with all of the most popular ERPs, which means that we are probably already compatible with your EDI systems.

EDI also interfaces directly with most Quickbooks programs, which means another step saved for our customers and our own accounts department. In fact, True Commerce is rated as “preferred for Quickbooks,” and it is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

In other words, our EDI system enables Henssgen Hardware to easily connect with virtually any trading partner.

So, when considering who you want to do business with, consider how Henssgen’s new EDI capabilities can enhance the trading partner relationship, saving time, money and probably also saving some headaches.


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