D-Rings, D-Ring Harnesses and Panic Snaps for the Equine Industry

Written By Rachel Novak

How can you keep your horse in place safely? What happens if your horse, donkey or mule needs to move quickly due to emergency? Can you get the animal unharnessed quickly?

A D-ring on a lead with a panic snap can help. Paired with a quick-release panic snap, this rigging  the handling of large equine animals safer and easier for you – and for the animal.

The D-ring/panic snap lets you hook a horse’s or mule’s harness or lead to a pen or wall so that you move it later for feeding, cleaning or exercise. Using this rigging lets the horse move its head freely but provides you control over where it goes and when.

No animal, let alone a horse, mule or donkey, likes to have its head immobile. Many of these large animals truly need to see what’s coming up behind them and a D-ring/panic snap lead allows them to do so, while providing you with the locus of control.

What’s more, as large animals, equines can cause a tremendous amount of damage to property and bodies should they decide they need more freedom of movement now. But a D-ring, coupled with the panic snap, can let you release the animal quickly from wherever you have it  harnessed. This can come in very handy during a fire in a stable, for example.

A D-ring harness also is best when used with draft or cart horses, as these types of harnesses are easy to put on a horse because the only part of the harness that goes under the horse is the harness’ belly band. What’s more, this means there is no quarter or pole straps to fasten underneath, so there are no straps to become coated in your animal’s sweat.


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