245 Snap Hooks and Large Nets

Written By Rachel Novak

If your Little League team needs a net to catch foul balls (or a wild pitch – don’t want to hit the spectators behind home plate!)….

If your country club needs to hang your tennis court nets securely…..

If your golf course is near homes and you want a net tall enough on the course’s borders to make sure the cry of “Fore!!!!” doesn’t result in broken windows, you’re going to need the 245 Snap Hook.

Beloved by golf courses, tennis courts, baseball fields, and even soccer clubs, the 245 Snap Hook is tough enough, resilient enough and – excuse our French, but it’s apropos – bad ass enough – to hold a net of any size and any weight.

Whether you need to secure and hold a 100’x50’ behemoth along the perimeter of your golf course, or a 5’x7’ batting cage net, our 245 Snap Hooks will be able to hold the net up fast and secure.

The snap hook feature also makes it very easy for you to take your large – or tiny – net down from its location because the snap portion of the 245 opens easily, no matter the weight of the net.

Golfers, soccer players, tennis players, and baseball players love practice nets, as they help these athletes perfect their drive, their goal kicks, their overhead serves and pitches/swings in small spaces.

Homeowners and fans love the large nets as they protect their person and property from damage from errant long drives, goal kicks, overhead serves and pitches/hits.

Property managers and team managers love our 245 Snap Hooks because they know they’ll hold their training and safety nets so securely, the manager never needs to worry about a ball escaping or the net falling down.


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