What is a “Get Back Whip”?

Written By Rachel Novak

Six months ago if someone asked me if I knew what a “Get Back Whip” was I would say definitively, no.  However within the last few months I have spoken to several customers who own and operate retail stores that cater to motorcycle enthusiasts seeking hardware for a “Get Back Whip”.    Obviously my curiosity was piqued and I just had to check this out for myself.

The history and or purpose of the “Get Back Whips” varies a bit depending on which source you pull up.    I’ve seen references made to their original use being to display bike club colors and to use in case of an “emergency” and others have referred to them as a way to alert other drivers of your presence.   Many websites reference these items as decorative additions to your bike.

The Get Back Whips are typically made of braided leather and a snap on the end and vary in length from 24″ t0 48″.    The Get Back Whips attach to the lever or clutch of the bike.  Our customers have typically used the Panic Snaps in the manufacture of their Get Back Whips.  The Panic Snaps are heavy duty and have either a fixed or a swivel eye.  They are available in Die Cast, Malleable or Brass.  They release quickly by manually pulling down on the middle section of the snap.  These snaps are also very popular with farmers and for Horses for their quick release and sturdiness.

For more information on Get Back Whips, check out Ironbraid, Inc or Chilhowee Motorcycle Leather & Accessories