The Value of Service

Written By Rachel Novak

In November 2012 I was ready for  a change and a new challenge.  Up to that point my career had been in Human Resources and more specifically in the hospitality industry.  Completely changing not only careers but also industries was a bit daunting but also pretty exciting.  I consider myself a person who likes a bit of spontaneity in my life and I’m always motivated by a challenge.

So how was I going to handle now working and being immersed in the hardware industry?  Well, yes there is a learning curve for the product knowledge but what I soon realized is my business is providing a service to our customers.  Now that’s something I know very well, hospitality and customer service!

For many years I had the pleasure of working for a family business in Vermont that excelled at providing personalized customer service to their guests.  That extra little attention you can provide to your customers can yield large returns to your bottom line.  Happy customers will keep returning and buying more, it’s that simple.

It would be naive of me to think that we’ll never have a situation when a customer has a concern.  As with all customer service scenarios, it’s all in how you respond to their concerns.  First and foremost listening to the customers, allow them to fully express their wishes or concerns.   Recap what you heard them say to avoid any misunderstandings and then move forward with a solution.

The art of excellent customer service does not need to be some complicated series of steps.  It’s been my experience that very simple practices can have the best results.

  • Consistency in the service you provide to each customer large or small
  • Courtesy to all your customers-respectful & appreciative
  • Follow up, be attentive.

Providing this type of service to my customers at Henssgen is second nature to me, its fun and rewarding to know that you made someone’s day.  Each one of our customers is vital to our business and our reputation in the industry.

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