The Softer Side of Snap Hooks

Written By Rachel Novak

Snap hooks are commonly used industrial rigging hardware, typically incorporated into products like dog leashes, awnings, tennis nets and sports equipment and used for hanging things like signs and theatre lights. They are frequently used in sports complexes, theme parks, dairy facilities and various other industries.

But while snap hooks are usually thought of as heavy-duty hardware and associated with tough, durable products, the truth is that snap hooks have a softer side. There are many creative ways that snap hooks can be put to use.

1. Key Chains
Having a snap hook on your keychain can be incredibly useful! You can clip your car keys to the handle of your purse so they’ll dangle inside but won’t get lost among the contents, or clip the house keys inside your child’s backpack so they don’t fall out at school or get lost among the homework and textbooks. You can even clip your keys to your belt loop if you’re headed out and don’t feel like bringing a purse or bag along. Incorporate a snap hook into a crafty keychain and you’ll spend less time searching for your keys.

2. Sweater or Coat Clasps
If you’re into sewing or knitting, try incorporating snap hooks into your next project. They make a great alternative to buttons and can give your project a unique look. Snap hooks come in all shapes, sizes and styles so you’re sure to find just the right look for your project.

3. Purse Fasteners
Snap hooks are the perfect fastener to incorporate into a purse or bag design. Because they clasp tightly and easily, they provide a secure, reliable way to close a bag filled with personal belongings that you don’t want to be easily accessible. With just a small metal loop and a snap hook, you can craft a secure, durable and stylish way to keep your bag closed.

4. Lanyards
Looking for a great craft to do at your child’s next birthday party? Try making lanyards out of plastic lacing and small snap hooks! The necessary materials are inexpensive, the weaving process is relatively easy and the kids will each have a little project to take home with them. Kids may not be able to weave the entire lanyard in one afternoon, but they can get a good start and have a fun project to continue working on once they get home.

5. Jewelry
Snap hooks can also make terrific jewelry fasteners. Industrial snap hooks can be quite big and bulky, but smaller, daintier snap hooks can make cute and relatively inexpensive bracelet or necklace clasps. Since they’re easy to open and close and they’re durable, snap hooks are a great option to consider when creating fashion jewelry.

6. Belts
If you’re looking for a cute belt buckle, try a snap hook! For those into designing and crafting clothing, snap hooks are a great alternative to the traditional belt buckle look. Since they come in various styles, sizes and colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect snap hook to match the style and fabric of the belt. And, since you’ve added in a little extra creativity by incorporating a snap hook, you’re sure to make a fashion statement.

Snap hooks are great for heavy-duty projects, but they’re terrific for daintier projects as well. With many ways to incorporate them into crafts, fashion and jewelry, snap hooks certainly have a softer side and are much more than just industrial hardware!