The Role of Hardware in Keeping Us Healthy

Written By Rachel Novak

Hardware can keep you healthy. How?

Do you work out at a gym? Do you use the weight room area, using the gym’s lat pulldown machine, or similar weight training equipment?

Or do you take a Pilates class and use the Pilates reformer?

Both of these types of physical fitness machines – and many others – help keep us fit and healthy.

And they do so with the use of pulleys and snaps.

In fact – let us brag a bit here — several manufacturers of Pilates equipment use Henssgen Hardware’s pulleys and snaps!

Many people want to lift weights but are afraid of injury should they drop a barbell or even dumbbell as they work out.

But weight machines such as the aforementioned lat pulldown, as well as the cable row and others, all use pulley and snap systems to keep you safe from injury.

Even home gym equipment uses pulleys and snaps.

The pulley allows exercisers to lift weights safely that are far heavier than if they were lifting free weights. The snap that attaches to the pulley part of the weight machine also allows an exerciser to change the amount of weight easily, and at any time.

In addition to being safer to use than free weights, using a weight machine also gives the user the added bonus of working the targeted muscle through an optimal range of motion (you can only move the lat machine’s bar down to a certain point and won’t be able to go beyond a safe range of motion, for example).

Perhaps the only caveat to the safety of pulley and snap weight lifting machines is to make sure the snap is closed completely before you start lifting. Many machines have extra safety features built in to ensure a weight doesn’t drop while lifting, but it’s still far safer to double check that the snap is closed, just in case.