The fashionable side to Hardware

Written By Rachel Novak

Happy Monday!

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in gorgeous Booth Bay Harbor, Maine this weekend to attend a family wedding at the fabulous Spruce Point Inn Resort & Spa.


This was my first visit to the quaint town of Booth Bay Harbor and we enjoyed the hospitality of all the restaurants, bars and tiny shops in town.  One shop in particular was a treat, Tigger Leather LTD.  My eye was immediately drawn to the sign “Silversmith” but upon entering this shop I was in awe of the gorgeous belts, bags and other treats on display.  I immediately noticed he was using snaps that are in my product line!  How cool to see a snap that is used in so many industrious ways to be incorporated into a gorgeous belt.




I’ve said this before but I do love the variety in the customers I serve ranging from the large wholesalers, the farms and ranches and the small businesses who use our products in their creations and products.

I’m wearing my lovely belt this morning and look forward to having it for years to come!



Our brass snaps and rings are some of my favorite because they are not only sturdy and functional, they are excellent quality and just gorgeous.  Contact us today for a catalog and price list or quote.