Marine Hardware | Materials Guide: Stainless Steel, Brass, and More


Marine hardware allows commercial, industrial, and recreational operators to customize their vessels, increase safety, and improve efficiency. There is a variety of boat rigging hardware that enhances the performance of a diverse range of watercraft.

Buying rigging made from corrosion-resistant materials ensures marine hardware holds up in harsh environments. Knowing what to look for helps watercraft owners find the right marine hardware for their specific needs.

Hardware Types for Marine Applications

Marine hardware fulfills many purposes on watercraft. Common rigging equipment includes:


  • Snap hooks are a versatile tool used to secure anchor chains, organize gear, tie down tarps, or customize pulley systems. Prepared boaters should always keep a supply of marine snap hooks on their vessels.
  • Boaters use rope cleats to secure ropes and knots. Rope cleats allow kayakers to customize their rig for comfort and stability.
  • Double-end hooks allow operators to create strong rope networks to support sails, secure fishing lines, and fasten diving gear.
  • Rings are another multifaceted tool that helps boaters secure loads and lines. Kayakers and rowers use them to keep equipment close while on the water.
  • Fixed, open, and swivel-eye snaps are flexible components for sailboats, fishing canoes, and pontoons.

Boat rigging hardware is an integral part of marine activities. Hardware made with the wrong materials sustains damage from sea salt, wind, and water. Environmental stress weakens the hardware and endangers lives and property.


Material Selection for Marine Applications

Corrosion-resistant metals protect vital marine hardware from degrading in aquatic conditions. Optimal materials for marine environments may include:

  • Durable brass alloys work well for underwater applications. Brass prevents submerged components from wearing away in salty or high-pressure waters.
  • Steel is a cost-effective solution for milder marine conditions. This material withstands sun and wind damage. Steel alloys may not be the best fit for those who frequent saltwater environments.
  • Stainless steel is attractive and highly resistant to rust. It’s also less prone to pitting and corrosion from salt water.
  • Die-cast zinc withstands high temperatures, making it ideal for protecting motorized equipment. Marine hardware made from zinc offers a wide variety of cosmetic finishes that complement exterior components.

Natural elements are the biggest threat to vessel safety. Choose corrosion-resistant materials to prevent weakened and compromised components.

Marine Rigging Solutions from Henssgen Hardware

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