Looking Forward to an Exciting 2014

Written By Rachel Novak

Happy 2014!  This year has started out with a lot of new opportunities for Henssgen Hardware Corporation.  On December 31, 2013, the company changed ownership and I took over the family business from my parents, Ron & Nancy Shaw.  I am the third generation of the Shaw family to own and operate Haber’s Export Agency (www.habers-exports.com) and Henssgen Hardware Corporation.

My goals for the upcoming year are to grow our sales and customer base by working with a great local marketing firm and getting our website as efficient and awesome as it can be.  I will also be obtaining my certification as a Woman Owned Business with the Small Business Administration.  HHC not only works directly with several government agencies and the military but we also have several customers who are government contractors and who will benefit from doing business with a MWBE.

I am constantly learning more each day about our products and the business and very excited for the opportunities ahead.  Luckily my parents and our loyal and experienced staff are a great asset for information and expertise.

Our product line is of the highest quality and material.  As a small family owned business our reputation and customer service is most important to us and making sure we keep our customers coming back.

We have long standing relationships with our suppliers overseas both in China, Taiwan and Germany.  Those strong relationships are vital to maintaining our excellent product quality.  I will be researching additional vendors in Europe in the coming year to possibly expand our product line and continue to offer the best quality to the US Markets.

Looking forward to an exciting 2014!

Rachel S. Novak
Henssgen Hardware Corporation