Hardware in Hunting

Written By Rachel Novak

It’s that time of year again, HUNTING SEASON!!!

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and it is time to put on your camo and hit the woods.

Since we specialize in hardware, I would like to point out how our products are used in outdoor apparel,  hunting accessories and tools.   From rifle slings to game hoists and bird straps these items all utilize rigging hardware to be effective.  Most often they have welded rings, pulleys and snap hooks as vital components.

You’ll find snap hooks on rifle slings and bird straps.  Granted the more tactical rifle sling is more likely to have a snap hook whereas the hunting rifle sling tend to be a leather loop; some hunting rifle slings still have a snap hook to secure the sling to the rifle.  Bird straps that secure to your belt or vest tend to not only have a snap hook but also have small welded rings to loop the leather through and around the necks or feet of your game.

Your larger game is generally placed on a game hanger connected to you guessed it a pulley!  Making it much easier to hoist the game for proper dressing.

Can you think of other uses for snap hooks, rings or pulleys while hunting?


  Happy Hunting!