A Great way to use the Double End Bolt Snaps!

Written By Rachel Novak

As I was driving home the other day in downtown Glens Falls, NY I noticed something new.  While stopped at a stop light I looked up and saw a large banner hanging.


Now it’s hard to see from a shot from my phone. The banner is promoting a wonderful Organization (http://www.doublehranch.org/) but what I am really focusing on is what is holding the banner to the suspending wires.  It was the double end bolt snap (0162).

These cables typically suspend signage used to advertise local events in our city.  To hold the banner sign to the cables the city is using a the double end bolt snap ( our part number 0162).


What a clever idea to properly suspend a banner and keep it from blowing sideways in the wind.  After seeing this I realized that this particular snap has so many uses ranging from domestic to agricultural, from boating and marine to manufacturing and industrial.