Hardware for Medical Device & Military/Defense Markets

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and other organizations have faced many challenges. Among them: sourcing mission-critical items.

That’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about. At Henssgen Hardware, we have the rigging hardware pieces the medical and military markets need—perhaps now more than ever. Our line consists of hardware manufactured from a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, malleable iron, die-cast zinc alloy, and solid brass. They can be used with all types of rope, chain, cable, leather or nylon straps, and more.

Medical Device Manufacturing Hardware

Medical device manufacturers, as well as companies who produce products related to diagnostics, patient safety, therapy, and mobility, need products like these:

Swivel Eye Spring Snap Swivel Eye Spring Snap: Nickel plated die-cast zinc alloy; 2 1/8" long with 3/16" opening and 1/4" eye width.
Double End Bolt Snap Double End Bolt Snap: Nickel plated die-cast zinc alloy; 3 1/2" long with 5/16" opening.
Steel Simplex Snaps and Hooks Steel Simplex Snaps and Hooks: Steel; six sizes ranging in length from 5/16" to 1" with eye diameter up to 2".
Swivel Eye Trigger Snap Swivel Eye Trigger Snap: Nickel plated die-cast zinc alloy; 2 7/16" long with 3/8" opening.
Swivel Eye Pulley Swivel Eye Pulley: Nickel plated die-cast zinc alloy; 9/32" rope size with 1" pulley diameter. Choice of single or double sheave.
Fixed Eye Boat Snap Fixed Eye Boat Snap: Solid brass; 3" long with 3/8" opening

Hardware for Military/Defense Customers

The military frequently uses our products in tent systems, telecommunication systems, containment systems, and more. Common choices include:

Large Swivel Eye Trigger Snap Large Swivel Eye Trigger Snap: Nickel plated die-cast zinc alloy; 3 3/4" long with 3/4" opening
Quick Link Quick Link: Polished stainless steel; 2 1/4" long with 9/32" opening.
All-Purpose Snap With Grommet Eye All-Purpose Snap With Grommet Eye: Polished stainless steel; 2 3/8" long with 5/16" opening.
All-Purpose Snap All-Purpose Snap: Polished stainless steel; 3 1/8" long with 7/16" opening.
Welded Dee Ring Welded Dee Ring: Nickel plated welded steel; 2" eye diameter.

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For 42 years, Henssgen Hardware has been serving customers in the United States—but long before that, we were renowned in Germany for our innovation and high quality standards. That tradition of excellence continues today, both in our products and our customer service. We’ve worked with the same factories for more than 30 years, building strong, dependable working relationships. Quality is our priority, and we never sacrifice it for price. Our products are proudly guaranteed, and you’ll notice quality consistency from order to order.

We’ve been here for you for decades, and we’re still here, running regular hours with a full staff while taking all necessary precautions to protect them and you. Every day, we fulfill orders for your mission-critical hardware, including custom orders that match your unique specifications. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns or request a quote.

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