Boat Pulleys

Written By Rachel Novak

Pulleys are essential when it comes to using a boat.

Whether the vessel is a sailboat or a motor boat, pulleys help sailors sail and owners of motor boats…motor their boats.

All clever phrasing aside, boat pulleys:

•    Help a sailor adjust his sails for maximum lift and forward motion.
•    Keep his rigging clear and easy to access.
•    Steer the vessel
•    Help lift the boat from the water onto a dock (dry dock)
•    Anchor the boat
•    And more

No matter what type of boat pulley you may need, we have them here at Henssgen Hardware. From the easy-to-use nylon wheel pulley to galvanized steel pulleys, we offer a complete range of wheels, pulley sheaves, snatch blocks, and swing blocks. We also provide you with zinc pulleys or those made of stainless steel.

No matter the size of your vessel, no matter if you use it for pleasure or for business, no matter if it moves under sail or under engine (or both), Hennsgen Hardware is your go-to supplier of boat rigging hardware. Contact us, or place your order at 800-833-9598.