Steel Snaps and Connectors

Henssgen Hardware provides the high-quality metal parts (steel links and snaps) needed to repair and link together chains. All of our designs are simple, useful, and reliable. We carry a variety of machine-formed steel wire and drop-forged, plated, and tumbled steel to ensure we offer the best materials for your specific chains and cables.

Steel Links and Snaps

Snaps and connectors link chains and cables together without creating a weak point. Henssgen’s product line includes a variety of links and steel snaps that feature built-in protection against corrosion.

Steel Links – Repair Links & Quick Links

Links are also commonly referred to as connecting links, mending links, quick links, or quick repair chain links, but these many names all refer to the same type of product. Two of the most common varieties include:

  • Repair links. Chain repair links can replace broken links or act as connectors between chains and different pieces of hardware. They come in multiple different design varieties, such as double clevis links and cold shut links, among others.
  • Quick links. Quick links have closed designs. They can be used to connect both long and short chains for a variety of industrial, commercial, and recreational applications. Users should ensure that they select a quick link that matches the pressure or force threshold of the intended application.

Steel Snaps

Steel snaps fulfill many of the same applications as links. They have an open side with a hinge or spring snap mechanism that closes to complete the shape of the link and lock the connected part in place.

Henssgen provides the following steel snaps:

  • All-purpose snap. This snap offers durability, high quality, and easy use. Common applications include use in agricultural equipment, medical manufacturing, and theatrical lighting.
  • All-purpose snap with grommet eye. The grommet eye on these snaps provides all the advantages of standard all-purpose snaps with the additional benefit of a grommet eye that will enable quick rig changes without retying.
  • Bit snap. Bit snaps have a snapping portion that secures connectors in place until they are manually removed. This facilitates secure connections and ease of use. Common applications include aircraft cable assemblies.
  • Breaching snap. Instead of a separate spring mechanism, breaching snaps use tension to hold the metal snap closed. These parts are simple and provide a secure hold.
  • Herm Sprenger® Scissor Snaps. These snaps have a welded swivel for easy fastening and release. They are made in Germany.

Steel snap and connectors

Materials and Finishes Properties

The material you choose for your chain repair and quick links determines the total durability and weight threshold of the equipment. Some of the most common materials include steel and forged steel, and common finishes include zinc and nickel plating.

Using Steel

Steel is an alloy of carbon and iron. The resulting material offers a high degree of durability and ductility. It’s strong, relatively low weight, and resists corrosion. Additional characteristics can be strengthened through the introduction of other elements to the alloy, such as tungsten and manganese. Many parts suppliers and end-users prefer steel because it’s easily available, affordable, and reliable.

Using Forged Steel

Herm Sprenger Scissor Snaps are made from forged steel. Forged steel, like general steel, is an alloy made from carbon and iron. However, forged steel is compressed and hardened to make the material harder and stronger.


Finishes give chain repair links and quick links additional layers of protection against damage and wear. Zinc plating protects the surface of steel parts from corrosion for over 30 years. The salts in zinc also create a self-repairing coating that fills in scratches and dents that reach through the zinc plating.

Nickel coating is used to protect Herm Sprenger® Scissor Snaps. Nickel coating makes parts resistant to dry gas damage and fatigue.

Steel Snaps and Connectors

Add to Your Chain Today with Henssgen Hardware

Henssgen Hardware provides high-quality chain links and snaps that are built for longevity in industrial, commercial, and recreational applications. Contact our team for more information about our quick links and chain repair solutions.