Panic Snaps

At Henssgen Hardware, we provide reliable, multipurpose panic snaps that give users more control in emergency circumstances. Our high-quality snaps feature quick-release hardware that takes a single hand and motion to operate. Attaching these snaps to ropes and cables on horse headwear and gear allows riders to release the hardware in an instant.

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Panic Snaps

Snaps are generally used to clip disparate pieces of gear together. The two snapping pieces feature rings or varied hardware that can be used to connect cords, leads, or reins. Panic snaps provide an emergency safety function, allowing the connection to be severed instantly by depressing or sliding a button. These pieces of hardware enable quick releases in an emergency without causing snapback or releasing tension forcefully back against the user.

Users can operate panic snaps with a single hand, but the design of the simple mechanism also ensures it won’t open accidentally. These snaps are meant for complete ease of use in emergencies with little training. Panic snaps feature an engraved arrow that indicates the direction of movement needed to disengage the panic snap and separate the hardware.

Panic snaps are available from Henssgen Hardware in a variety of styles and materials. The snap itself is made from durable metal that won’t deform or crack under pressure, and the heavy-duty hardware offers an ideal solution for many rugged applications.


Quick Release Panic Snap Types

At Henssgen Hardware, we offer panic snaps in two styles:

  • Fixed eye panic snap – Fixed eye snaps remain in a fixed orientation. The solid welded bases of the snap don’t allow for any rotation, minimizing the risk of twisting while still facilitating easy separation.
  • Swivel eye panic snap – These snaps feature an adjustable base and spring mechanism that turns on its vertical axis. This swivel action helps minimize the risk of tangling when an animal is panicked or struggling.


We fabricate our panic snap hardware from sand cast brass or die cast zinc alloy.

  • Brass. We form our brass hardware using a sand casting process and polish each piece to make it lustrous and visually appealing.
  • Die cast zinc alloy. Zinc alloy panic snaps are finished with nickel plating, while the die casting process ensures the cross-section of each piece is solid, strong, free of defects, and reliable. The base alloy resists rust, making it ideal for marine applications or frequent outdoor use. Our die cast zinc alloy panic snaps use stainless steel springs for further resistance to corrosion and wear.


Common Applications of Panic Snaps

Panic snaps see broad usage in animal handling applications, including:

Beyond animal handling, panic snaps also have uses for securing gym equipment, in boat rigging, or in any other rope or chain application where a snap might need to be released quickly.


Quick Release Panic Snaps From Henssgen Hardware

If you frequently guide or manage animals, quick-release panic snaps are essential for improving safety and minimizing the risk of damage or injury to the animals, people, and property. Contact us or request a quote for assistance in selecting the most appropriate panic snaps for your needs.