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How a Pulley Works

We use pulleys so that we may lift an object that’s far heavier than we could lift on our own. Sometimes we use a pulley to lift an object that’s so heavy, it takes a mighty large, and multiple-wheeled pulley to lift it. But how does a pulley lift? Why does this...

The Softer Side of Snap Hooks

Snap hooks are commonly used industrial rigging hardware, typically incorporated into products like dog leashes, awnings, tennis nets and sports equipment and used for hanging things like signs and theatre lights. They are frequently used in sports complexes, theme...

316 vs. 304 Grade Stainless Steel: Similarities and Differences

Stainless steel hardware comes in a variety of grades and finishes. These different classifications of steel are used to meet differing environmental and physical demands. When selecting stainless steel hardware, it is important to understand the differences between...

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