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3 Tips for Leash Training Your Dog

You’ve just brought your new dog home from the shelter and you can’t wait to make him a part of your family. After you’ve played with him, given him toys and treats, and gotten him familiar with his new home, it’s time to take him out for a walk. This is where things...

Make Sure Your Awnings Are All Weather

More and more people are using awnings to expand their living space, add seating capacity for restaurants, lounges and cafes, and to keep the elements at bay. Back in the day, the only awnings you saw were the ones people put on their windows in the summer to keep...

Why We’re EDI-Compatible. And Why Our Customers Should Care!

While it hasn’t been around for quite as long as the wheel, EDI has been and continues to be an important tool for businesses looking to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Simply defined, EDI – which stands for Electronic Data...

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