Hardware for Leatherwork/Leathercraft

leather craft hardwareHaving the right tools to get the job done is essential in leatherwork. At Henssgen Hardware, we carefully craft and manufacture metal hardware that allows you to trust your tools and focus on your project. Our array of snaps and swivel snaps can attach leather pieces together with a sturdy hold that you can easily undo or modify, while our portfolio of rings provide sturdy fastening points for any project or finished product.

Each of our rings and snaps comes in a wide variety of options, materials, and finishes so you can choose the perfect fit for your leather craft. We have stainless steel hardware for outdoor use and brass pieces for a beautiful luminous glow that makes leather shine. Choose your favorite function and form, knowing that the construction of each piece is solid and immaculate.



Types of Leather Craft Hardware

At Henssgen Hardware, we feature two main types of leather craft hardware. Our rings are well-suited to permanent or semi-permanent attachments in complex configurations, while our snaps are better for harnesses or other rigging that require frequent adjustment or movement.

Our product selection includes:

Dee Ring D-Rings/Dee-Rings.D-rings are semicircular metal fasteners formed from a single piece of metal into a D-shaped configuration. This design allows leather straps to lie flat across the back of the D without crimping or bending over time. D-rings come in multiple different diameters to accommodate different sizes of leather straps. These rings are commonly used on dog collars, backpacks, and other leathercraft projects that require flat straps.
welded steel ring O-rings/Round Rings. O-rings are O-shaped, seamless metal rings. This smooth configuration allows attached straps to move freely while remaining firmly fastened in place. O-rings are commonly used in saddlery, reenactments, and a variety of original leather projects.


. Swivel Snaps

Our sturdy swivel snaps are set into a D-ring through a swiveling base. The ring can permanently or semi-permanently fasten to a flat leather strap to enable fast, easy attachment to straps or hooks through the snap. At Henssgen Hardware, we provide two different swivel snap styles:

Harness Swivel Eye Bolt Snap Swivel-bolt snap. These snaps have a tab attached to the locking bolt that users can slide down to open the snap. It closes automatically once the pressure on the tab is removed.
swivel eye trigger snap Swivel-trigger snap. These snaps feature a rotating tab. Pressing down and applying circular force pushes the locking trigger inwards to allow users to slide straps into the snap.


Materials Available

Material selection can impact the success of any leatherworking project. Not only does the metal choice impact the aesthetics of the finished product, but each type of metal is best suited for specific environments. Henssgen Hardware provides quality snaps and rings in die-cast zinc alloy, brass, and stainless steel.

  • Die-cast zinc alloy. Zinc pieces are lightweight and economical. They can be relatively water-resistant with the right finish and are best suited to decorative leathercraft pieces or items that are lightly used. We nickel plate our zinc pieces to provide a lustrous, rust-resistant finish.
  • Brass. Brass is a golden, lustrous mix of zinc and copper that’s built to last. It resists corrosion and physical damage and will develop a patina that pairs beautifully with leather over time.
  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel is water-resistant with a silvery finish and won’t easily rust or corrode. This makes it an excellent choice for leather-crafted products intended for outdoor use and/or heavy-use items.


Quality Hardware for Leathercraft From Henssgen Hardware

Henssgen Hardware specializes in high-quality snaps and fasteners for almost any application. We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for function and our products are manufactured for durability and appearance. Contact us or request a quote to see how our hardware can support your leathercrafting project.


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