Brass vs Bronze? What’s the difference?

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There have been times that I’ve seen bronze and brass items being marketed in the same categories but they are quite different not only in their make up but also in appearance. Here is some information that will help guide you in determining which would be best for your project.     First, bronze dates […]

What snap hook you need to make a dog leash?

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  We work with several companies who make leashes for dogs – long leashes for field trials, leather leashes, braided leashes, k9 training leashes and nylon leashes.    In today’s market there are so may choices for dog leashes.  The question always is when I speak to a new customer looking to manufacture a dog […]

Types of Pulleys

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  Types of Pulleys A pulley is a type of simple machine. As we know, there are three types of simple machines: the pulley, the lever and the inclined plane. All three types of simple machines have been identified as such because of their simplistic nature that help accomplish work. Among the pulley simple machines, […]

An Introduction to Working Loads

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  Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) and Working Load Limit (WLL), formerly known as Safe Working Load (SWL), are two important strength ratings when it comes to rigging and safety equipment. They vary based on what type of rigging or safety equipment and are identified by manufacturers.   MBS is precisely what it says, the minimum […]

Henssgen Hardware’s Mobile Ready Site is live! Check it out!

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Well, now it will be easier for our viewers to review our site on their tablets or mobile devices.  With all the talk and news lately from Google about the changes they were making and how it would affect your web site’s ranking if you weren’t mobile ready  I figured I best get on it and […]

Meet Otis, my model.

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Being able to bring my dog to work with me has been a perk that I have enjoyed for many, many years.  Whether it was when I was working as the Director of Human Resources for Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vt ( a dog friendly, super fantastic family resort on Lake Champlain) or owning […]

Harnessing a Draft Horse

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We’re in sugaring season here in New England, which means fresh maple syrup, and perhaps a more frequent sighting of draft horses helping to haul the equipment or sap that comes with sugaring. Just by looking at the diagrams above, it is clear that the harnessing system is fairly complicated. This complex harnessing system is […]

Flag Pole Hardware

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Ready to wave a white flag to winter? With spring right around the corner it’s time to celebrate the change of the season (or for some of us in New England celebrate that winter is over). What better than to fly a flag? Perhaps, it’s patriotism you want to display or maybe you’re dusting off […]

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245 Snap Hooks and Large Nets

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If your Little League team needs a net to catch foul balls (or a wild pitch – don’t want to hit the spectators behind home plate!)…. If your country club needs to hang your tennis court nets securely….. If your golf course is near homes and you want a net tall enough on the course’s […]


How Snap Hooks Benefit the Dairy Industry

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Dairy farmers love to use snap hooks with their herds because the quick-release hooks help make handling cows and steers easier and safer for both the animals and their human handlers. Snap hooks allow dairy farmers to hook a cow’s lead or harness to a wall or pen in order to clean, feed, milk, even […]