Why We’re EDI-Compatible. And Why Our Customers Should Care!

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While it hasn’t been around for quite as long as the wheel, EDI has been and continues to be an important tool for businesses looking to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Simply defined, EDI – which stands for Electronic Data Interchange – is the capability to send and receive business […]


Hardware Under the Sea: Quality Rigging Hardware for Divers


Scuba diving is enjoyed professionally and recreationally, involving extensive training and practice before certification and allowing divers to explore a whole other world in the deep oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Since their equipment is their life source below the surface, diligent inspection and maintenance of a diver’s equipment is imperative. Rigging hardware for divers is often used to attach valuable […]

Hardware in Hunting

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It’s that time of year again, HUNTING SEASON!!! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and it is time to put on your camo and hit the woods. Since we specialize in hardware, I would like to point out how our products are used in outdoor apparel,  hunting accessories and tools.   From rifle slings […]

Organize with S Hooks!

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Organizing with S Hooks! If you can hang it, you can organize it with S Hooks!  From the Kitchen to the Closet to the Bathroom you can free up counter space, shelves, and reduce the chaos.  From the smallest S Hook for hanging jewelry to larger, heavy duty S hooks in the garage and backyard […]

The fashionable side to Hardware

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Happy Monday! I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in gorgeous Booth Bay Harbor, Maine this weekend to attend a family wedding at the fabulous Spruce Point Inn Resort & Spa.   This was my first visit to the quaint town of Booth Bay Harbor and we enjoyed the hospitality of all the restaurants, […]

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Our Catalog is now available for Download!

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This afternoon one of our customers contacted us and requested new catalogs and mentioned that he was surprised he couldn’t download one on our website.  Well, isn’t that a great idea and why on earth hadn’t we thought of that.  We have our e-catalog available for preview on our website but now you can download […]