Flag Pole Hardware

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Whether celebrating the change of seasons, showing patriotism, advertising a business, or supporting local teams, flags are a great way to share your message.  Without the right flagpole hardware, however, your sentiment can fall flat—literally. There are multiple types of hardware and materials to consider. Picking the right combination for your flag size, mounting location, […]

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The Best Sports Netting Hardware – Hooks, Snap Hooks

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At Henssgen Hardware, we design and manufacture reliable netting hardware that keep sports equipment secure, season after season. We’ve been manufacturing and distributing snap hooks and other rigging hardware for more than 40 years, and our product line includes an array of snap hooks, D-rings, O-rings, and other hooks for use with an array of […]


Horse Hardware – Harnessing a Draft Horse

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There are many kinds of harnesses used in conjunction with pulling horses. From racing horses who carry a very lightweight cart to large draft horses that pull thousands of pounds, owners must provide working horses with the proper harnesses and equipment to make sure the animal and driver stay safe. Productivity and safety rely upon […]

Scissor Snap

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At Henssgen Hardware, we’re proud to supply our customers with Herm Sprenger Scissor Snaps. These snaps are ideal for a range of applications, but many of our customers rely on them for hunting, field trials, and similar highly active settings. The Unique Scissor Snap, Made in Germany The Scissor Snap, sometimes referred to as the […]

Hardware for Medical Device & Military/Defense Markets

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and other organizations have faced many challenges. Among them: sourcing mission-critical items. That’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about. At Henssgen Hardware, we have the rigging hardware pieces the medical and military markets need—perhaps now more than ever. Our line consists of hardware manufactured from a variety of […]

The Best Hardware for Your Awning

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Awnings provide functional, aesthetically pleasing protection over decks and patios. With the right hardware, consumers and businesses can enjoy sturdy, safe awnings that require minimal maintenance and repair. At Henssgen Hardware, we have mounting and rigging hardware for small and large covers, retractable systems, and fixed awnings. In this article, we’ll discuss: Awning Hardware The […]

We are now DBE Certified by the US Department of Transportation!

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Henssgen Hardware, a woman owned and operated business established in 1978, has received a national certification through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program. Henssgen Hardware celebrates 40 years in business in 2018. “The Department’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program is designed to remedy ongoing discrimination and the continuing effects of past […]

Pick the Right Steel for Your Project

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Do you have a project you’re putting off? Are you working on a task fixing up a safety gate on your barn or the latches on your boat and you’re not sure what product to go with? Are you looking to upgrade your marine hardware? We offer our snap hooks, bolt snaps, trigger snaps, pulleys and hooks in a variety of materials […]


Rigging Hardware 101: How to Choose the Best Type for Your Project

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Wire ropes, straps, hooks, and other rigging hardware can be used in conjunction with cranes or other lifting equipment to move loads that are too heavy to lift manually. A wide range of industries and applications use rigging every day to facilitate the movement of cargo and materials. Rigging may be largely taken for granted, but proper selection can make the difference […]