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D-Rings, D-Ring Harnesses and Panic Snaps for the Equine Industry

How can you keep your horse in place safely? What happens if your horse, donkey or mule needs to move quickly due to emergency? Can you get the animal unharnessed quickly? A D-ring on a lead with a panic snap can help. Paired with a quick-release panic snap, this rigging  the handling of large equine […]

Snap Hooks

Snap hooks—sometimes referred to as only “snaps”—rely on two critical components to function. One of these is the hook itself; the other is a spring snap. The spring snap is located at the end of the snap hook and helps mitigate the likelihood of ropes and other target lines unhooking from a point accidentally. They […]

Snaps: A Comprehensive Guide

Snaps—also known as snap hooks or spring hooks—are hooks with a spring snap in their ends to prevent the accidental unhooking of a rope, cord, or other target line. Snaps are a common but essential component in a huge range of industrial applications, from dog leashes to theatrical lighting. The Different Types of Snaps With multiple snap […]

What is a Trigger Snap?

Education is important to us here at Henssgen Hardware, and in this article we want to shine some light on the trusty Trigger Snap. Read on to learn just exactly what a trigger snap is, what makes it unique, and what a trigger snap is used for. You are likely more familiar with the bolt snap, […]

Horse & Equine Industry

We offer a variety of rigging options for your equestrian needs. Our horse hardware includes several horse panic snaps in an assortment of durable and non-corrosive metals such as die cast zinc, brass, malleable iron, and steel. Our snaps are ideal for the equine industry and are great for making or fixing crossties, leads, and other stable gear. Our […]

Dairy Industry

Henssgen Hardware has been supplying the dairy industry with the highest quality rigging equipment and hardware since 1978. We stock more than 100 different styles of snap hooks, pulleys and quick links in all sizes and in a large variety of metals to serve the dairy industry. Our corrosion resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel hardware is industry standard and […]


At Henssgen Hardware, we know that you work hard and our selection of agricultural rigging snaps and snap hardware work just as hard as you do. Made from durable malleable iron, stainless steel, brass and die cast zinc materials, our heavy duty snap hardware provides a secure connection between ropes, chains. We offer a wide […]

How to Age Metals for that Distressed, Vintage Look

These days, it’s next to impossible NOT to find dozens of DIY methods of decorating, designing, updating or changing metals like brass, copper and pewter to achieve the desired look on furniture, lamps, doorknobs, drawer pulls – and just about anything else. Some techniques involve the use of toxic materials such as acetone; while others […]

Some Facts About “Eventing,” AKA the ‘Triathalon’ of the Equestrian World

Horse trials, otherwise known as “Eventing,” are often called the equestrian “triathalon.” The sport, which originated in cavalries in Europe as a way of gauging riding mastery, is a hugely popular sport and events can be found around the country and across the globe, in places like Germany, England, and Dubai – to name a […]