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Snap Hooks

Snap hooks—sometimes referred to as only “snaps”—rely on two critical components to function. One of these is the hook itself; the other is a spring snap. The spring snap is located at the end of the snap hook and helps mitigate the likelihood of ropes and other target lines unhooking from a point accidentally. They […]

Snaps: A Comprehensive Guide

Snaps—also known as snap hooks or spring hooks—are hooks with a spring snap in their ends to prevent the accidental unhooking of a rope, cord, or other target line. Snaps are a common but essential component in a huge range of industrial applications, from dog leashes to theatrical lighting. The Different Types of Snaps With multiple snap […]

What snap hook you need to make a dog leash?

  We work with several companies who make leashes for dogs – long leashes for field trials, leather leashes, braided leashes, k9 training leashes and nylon leashes.    In today’s market there are so may choices for dog leashes.  The question always is when I speak to a new customer looking to manufacture a dog […]


Our pulleys are used to lift heavy objects with minimal effort. Our Zinc Die Cast and Stainless Steel Pulleys are dependable and strong, and their superior quality and simple mechanics make them easy to use. Henssgen Hardware presents only top quality industrial rigging hardware from trusted suppliers. Be sure to browse our selection of rope hardware. […]

Marine Hardware Industry

Our selection of marine hardware is comprised of boat snap hooks, rope cleats, double end hooks, rings, and fixed, open, and swivel eye snaps of the highest quality brass, steel, stainless steel, and die cast zinc. Whether you are looking for snap hooks for anchor chains, trailer safety chains, or to secure your boat, we can meet your boat rigging needs. Used […]

Marine Hardware | Materials Guide: Stainless Steel, Brass, and More

Marine hardware allows commercial, industrial, and recreational operators to customize their vessels, increase safety, and improve efficiency. There is a variety of boat rigging hardware that enhances the performance of a diverse range of watercraft. Buying rigging made from corrosion-resistant materials ensures marine hardware holds up in harsh environments. Knowing what to look for helps […]

Don’t Wait for Spring Thaw to Plan Your Outdoor Awning Installation

Even though it’s too soon to call winter officially over, it’s not too soon to start thinking about awning installation season. Once the snow starts to melt off the roof and the deck flooring begins to emerge from beneath the frost, our thoughts turn to long summer afternoons relaxing under the shade of an awning […]

Make Sure Your Awnings Are All Weather

More and more people are using awnings to expand their living space, add seating capacity for restaurants, lounges and cafes, and to keep the elements at bay. Back in the day, the only awnings you saw were the ones people put on their windows in the summer to keep their homes cooler. These days you […]

Brass vs Bronze? What’s the difference?

There have been times that I’ve seen bronze and brass items being marketed in the same categories but they are quite different not only in their make up but also in appearance. Here is some information that will help guide you in determining which would be best for your project. First, bronze dates back to […]